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I was born in Europe in a beautiful city, Barcelona. During my childhood, I was too imaginative, (mainly in the long school days) whereby I took myself to the liking for the plastic arts, painting, model-making etc. In the course of the years, I have studied Chemical Technical Engineering, at the present time I am devoted to this field, I like the design especially of industrial facilities, but the form in that I can express the ideas that constantly are crossed by my thought that it is thanks to the picture, especially the digital Art., in which I have specialized. With the digital Art, I try, in the simplest and clearest way, to express what people and the objects around me inspire me to do, and I enjoy when I make someone smile or to meditate to others. Thanks to this new picture modality I have won several national and international competitions. I can highlight in the year 2000, the first European prize of Hewlett Packard, First prize of DPC of digital picture, also in different occasions First, Second and Third position in OFC, and other prizes of national character. Furthermore my pictures have been published in magazines as Superfoto (August- 2000) and in magazines of Internet, in which my articles also appeared. My galleries have been highlighted in several picture webs. Everything is very satisfactory, but there is nothing more gratifying like people's e-mail that congratulates me for my work, and fortunately I receive enough letters regularly. From here, I want to give those thanks to all the wonderful people that is interested in my work and has the kindness to communicate their opinion, the same as the reader that is dedicating their time in reading these paragraphs.

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