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My name is Eddie Davis,I was born Nov. 1960,in the state of Ark.Early in my life I lived briefly in Germany,later in my life I lived with my wife and her parents in Lithuania.I and my wife was wed inan 18th century Lithuanian palace,our wedding reception was also held there.I have traveled to Lithuania,Poland,Germany,Latvia and several states in the U.S.A.I studied art,but consider myself to be self-taught.Ipaint all subjects,prefering to do pinups(nude females).I paint with water colors and some acrylics.I do not use an air brush in the exucution of any of my works.My favorite water colors are made with honey in Russia.This painting is titled:My E.D.zzilla Designs,It is a portrait of a hispanic woman wearing an E.D.zzilla Designs sweater,this is my signature piece and not for sale,however prints will be for and aselect number of my pinups are for sale.All my works are done on water color paper and measure 18"x24".I can be contacted by e-mail:edzzilla@worldnet.att.net

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