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I began my main studies in St. Petersburg Academy of Art. By a stroke of luck, I ended up at one of the best art schools in the world. When I begun my studies. I was afraid that my mentors would insist that I shun the influence of the so called "Ethnic Artistic" school. But I was mistaken; on the contrary, my teachers welcomed all "Ethnic Artistic" motifs in my work. Moreover, they told me that interest in me as an artist would increase if I emphasized certain ethnic aspects within my work. At the time, I sensed that the professorís punctilious attitude was due to their perceptions of me. In time, however, I understood that an artist who retains an ethnic distinction can only his chances for success. Yes, Leonardo da Vinci's art is an international treasure, but each of his unforgettable canvases is imbued with the originality of his native Italy. Durer's work also belongs to the world, but it is nevertheless imbued with motifs that can only be described as purely German. I can recite numerous other examples, all of witch only serve to illustrate the fact that an artist can attain an international reputation only by understanding his own background an cultural history.
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