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Edward B. Gordon was born in 1966 in Hanover, Germany and is now living in Berlin and Dublin.

After studying acting in London in the mid-80s, during which he also designed stage sets,
Edward devoted himself to the study of painting.

2006 Edward called his blog A Painting A Day to life with the aim to paint a small painting daily
and publish it online. More than 1600 paintings have since appeared on his blog.

Edward works in a realistic, representative style with a modern identity. He uses only the highest
quality handmade oil paints, the daily paintings are painted on MDF panels, the large-format
paintings are oil on canvas.

Edward B. Gordon's paintings show scenes of the urban context, studio still lifes, nudes and the
one or the other landscape.

The light is Edward´s biggest inspiration.

Hundreds of collectors around the world call a Gordon their own and many of them have used the
entry through the purchase of a daily painting to acquire large-format works. Edward is very well
represented in various media online or in print and film. The cooperation with actors, directors
and other creative minds is very versatile.

Since 2009 Edward has moved his studio to the largest historic industrial compound in Europe.
His team works with him in marketing his paintings daily, organising exhibitions and establishing
contacts worldwide.
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