Edward Sherman

Boys, North Carolina ca. 1970
© 2018 Edward Sherman

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Edward Sherman has been photographing and excited about making images since he was fourteen years old. His mother who was a person of many interests first introduced him to photography, developing, and printing black & white negatives. Sherman has maintained his own photographic darkroom and printing capability since those early days. By maintaining his own darkroom/studio, he controls the entire process from image capture, to printing and producing the finished message.

Edward Sherman’s photography explores a wide range of subjects and themes. He has focused his lens on the people in his Harlem community and other communities during his travels. His photographs reveal the life and times of ordinary people and every day recognizable objects and scenes. Places and things, like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam,
a budding flower or a shadow on the sidewalk become Sherman fine art
photographic images. Over the years, his enthusiasm for black & white
photography consumed much of his work. However, Sherman has a brilliant command of color, design and abstraction.

Sherman has built his photographic foundation through interaction and
collaboration with his many artists & photography friends and colleagues.
His groundwork includes undergraduate fine arts studies at Brooklyn
College, photographic course studies at New School for Social Research
under renowned photographer Lisette Model and over forty years of
photographic activity. He is a former United States Marine Corps
photographer, awarded for professional achievement and photographic
coverage. The years Sherman spent working as a photographic color lab
technician, have keenly focused his visualization and technical skills. In 1980, Sherman expanded upon his artistic skills by completing an internship in broadcast journalism. He then worked as a video camera operator and editor for NBC News affiliate, WNYT in Albany, New York. The experience of videotaping and editing general news events and a wide range of sporting events have helped shape Sherman’s story telling skills. Among the highlights of his photographic journey is working as a photographer for the New York City Police Department. After 911, the world changed and NYPD photographers have had a major role in documenting the aftermath. Included in that documenting, Sherman has photographed numerous funerals and memorials’ for fallen police officers. Among the routine photographic assignments he has covered during his tour with NYPD have been; press conferences, NYPD cadet graduations and police officers promotions. One of the major highlights and honors of Sherman’s NYPD career was being assigned to photograph Pope Benedict XVI during his 2007 three-day visit to New York City. Sherman’s current photographic projects include images of Harlem street scenes, musicians, artists and everyday urban & rural life themes.

Sherman states, “Among my photographic goals is to show the beauty, respect and dignity in the family unit and the simple majesty in our environment. It is to the human family I address my photographs and to the African Diaspora family I dedicate them.”

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