Ekwelle Sakang

Ekwelle Leonard Sakang is my name.Born in Bangem,a small town in the South West of Cameron,a country in West Africa.
Currently I am in the Saint Augustine Major Seminary in Maroua, undergoing formation for the priesthood.I use my designs to express my views and also to raise some income to pay for my priestly formation and help my juniors go to school.
About My Work:They're greeting cards drawn using watercolours on recycled paper. Some of the cards have inscriptions such as Happy Christmas, Happy Easter, Best Wishes, With Love, etc in English and French on them. If requested the inscriptions can be in any language.
The themes addressed:Gender equality,Environment,Culture,Religion,etc
Size:The standard size for all the cards is 14cm by 10cm.All the cards are folded to provide ample space for sender's text message. Unfolded they are 14cm by 20cm.
Cost per Card:Each card is sold at US $ 0.45 (45 US cents). Prize excludes cost of delivery.

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