Elaine Brubaker

Elaine was born in 1943 in Akron Ohio. From her birth place she moved to Tampa Florida. During her youth Elaine became familiar with fabric art, and sewing art forms.

Elaine was married, and traveled to Europe with her husband. Her stay in Europe exposed her to ancient tapistries, and yardgoods.

Upon Elaines return to the U.S. a divorce happened, and she supported herself by working as bookkeeper for a high school. Her bookeeping payed the bills, while her textile art allowed her a few of the finer things.

Today Elaine is remarried, retired, and continuing her textile art full time, thru her company, "Clothesrack". She specializes in vests and jackets, made of the finest fabric, and fasteners. Often she uses antique material or accessories to embellish her work.
Elaine also works with Gourds. She embellished the gourd in every possible way, for every possible use.

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