Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor Gates Stuart is a digital artist and well-established printmaker in her own right, recently producing ‘arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs.eleanor.gates-stuart’, her documentary satire resulting from the re-media of video archive, publication, traditional print and transcript of gatescherrywolmark. In recent years she has chosen to work and exhibit collaboratively with many other artists, such as in her current Australian partnerships with designer, Zelda Trione and composer / sound artist, Lea Collins. Eleanor, Zelda and Lea all formed professional links and interest whilst working together at the Centre for New Media, ANU. These collaborations are producing a new working practice, exploring ideas in relation to the increasing collaborations between art and technology, and also beginning to provide new and challenging definitions of research and ownership, particularly in sound, language, and digital information.

* Since 1997, Eleanor has been part of an international partnership, gatescherrywolmark. The collaboration is between three women, including Jean Cherry (UK), a visual artist/actor and Dr. Jenny Wolmark (UK), a writer/critic. The work of gatescherrywolmark emerges from the creative web of discursive connections that exists between the three members of the group and is informed by the significant differences in their practices and subjectivities. Eleanor has been instrumental in bringing the collaboration into existence and in furthering the technological interventions that have enabled gatescherrywolmark to bring metaphor and practice together in digital terms. Their work has so far included exhibitions in the UK, Australia and USA, recent conference publications including a book entitled 'Disruptive Signals' (1999), and a digital video ‘Logical Aesthetics’ in collaboration with Paul Mosig and Jen Kingswell.

* Eleanor graduated from Chelsea School of Art, London, in 1982, majoring in printmaking. Prior to her postgraduate degree, she had been awarded a fellowship at Sunderland University (formerly Sunderland Polytechnic) to continue her art practice and exhibit her work. A prestigious award given to a young artist following undergraduate degree studies. Since then, Eleanor continued to win residencies, a DAAD scholarship to work in Germany, awards, grants and commissions, maintaining an active international exhibition profile, curating and directing arts events and continuing her research.

* Running parallel to her arts practice, Eleanor has a significant reputation in education, with a strong belief and commitment to pedagogical development in the creative arts. In the UK, she has led principal positions, innovating and leading new developments involving multiple partnerships and organisations. In 2001, her experience in fine arts through to design and new media, brought Eleanor to the Australian National University to be Head of the Australian Centre of the Arts & Technology ACAT, newly established as the Centre for New Media Arts. The outreach arm of the Centre has included the yearly new media performance events ‘DUST’, held at the National Museum of Australia and establishing the public New Media Lecture Series program with the NMA in bring emerging and established artists to Canberra.

Field of work
New Media Arts & Digital Printmedia
2005   gatescherrywolmark video Logical Aesthetics LUME : LANEWAY SCREEN SPACE, Melbourne, Australia FIRST THREADS. Featured by artist Paul Mosig & music by Jen Kingwell. http://www.lumescreen.net/project.php?program=1&id =24
2005   ‘Sight and Soul’ Megalo Print Commission Portfolio Exhibition. Canberra Museum & Art Gallery
2004   gatescherrywolmark video Logical Aesthetics at Next Wave Festival 2004, Melbourne, Screen Program 'Ways of Seeing'. Featured by artist Paul Mosig & music byJen Kingwell. Australia. http://www.nextwave.org.au/e4os/
2004   DISTIL, Megalo Printmaker in Residence Program Exhibition, ACT, Australia
2004   gatescherrywolmark, Intersections, 4in04. Access Space, Sheffield. UK
2003 - 2004   gatescherrywolmark, SIGGRAPH 2003 TAS (Selected - Touring Art Show) Cleveland, San Antorio and Orlando, Tennessee, Long Island, NY, & Paterson, NJ. USA
2003   gatescherrywolmark, Siggraph 2003, Digital Exhibition, San Diego, USA. (‘and’ and ‘ dicegold’)
2002   Digital generated Images: Group Show - Nolan Gallery, NSW, Australia
2000   Gatescherrywolmark, Digital Art 2000: Epson Digital Print Exhibition on-line
2000   gatescherrywolmark Digital Works, (touring works UK) The Workstation, Sheffield; European Illustration Centre, University of Lincoln; Small Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University
Curators projects /Artists groups
2004   DUST3, National Museum of Australia
2003   DUST2, National Museum of Australia
2004   Iris, Peter Karmel Band room, ANU, Australia
2004   DUSTI, National Museum of Australia, Australia
2002   Byte Size, Peter Karmel Band room, ANU
2001   A Few Short Cuts, National Museum of Australia
2001   @CAT, Discovery Centre, CSIRO, Australia
1989 -1992   Director of the 5HPC, International Printmaking Competition, UK
Attained over £20,000.00 sponsorship including an A.B.S.A. Award
(Government Association of Business Sponsorship to the Arts, UK)

1992   Director / co-organiser - ‘Trailblaze’ - a public arts event promoting
Sheffield artists - spotlight on BBC Television Look North ‘What’s on’ and local radio. UK.
Attained sponsorship.

2005   Gates-Stuart & Megalo Print, Canberra, Australia - ‘Sight & Soul’ Print Portfolio
2004   Gates-Stuart, E, arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs.eleanor.gates-stuart, ISBN 0-7315-3039
2004   Doran, B & Roche, G. (Eds) [The Space Between], with Anthony Lister. pp. 12-13.
2004   Gates-Stuart, E & Wolmark, J Cultural hybrids, post-disciplinary digital practices and new research frameworks: Testing the limits. Conference paper & proceeding publication, PixelRaider2. ISBN: 1843870606 Sheffield Hallam University, UK
2002   Gates-Stuart, E & Wolmark, J Research as a Cultural Practice, Working Papers in 1999 Art & Design, ISSN 1456-4917 (refereed journal) UK Disruptive Signals, Sheffield, UK, gatescherrywolmark, ISBN 0-9537113-0-7 Presented at the International Sydney Design '99 Conference, Australia
1996   Barstow, C. & Gates, E. ‘The Virtual Umbrella’ - (Article) Inprint -Vol.31 Number 4, 1996. Print Council of Australia Publication
Studios of Eleanor Gates-Stuart

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