Elena Esina

Surrealism and The Nude
© 2018 Elena Esina

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Born in Russia in 1983 in the middle of Siberian winter, Elena fell in love with life and its’ beauty. At the age of 12 she moved with her family to New Zealand and it was during these romantic years of youth that she found an intense obsession with philosophical art of surrealism. Just like her Russian accent Elena's visual language of metaphors was coming from within, based on her experience of Russian nature and culture.

But the innocence of youth was slowly replaced with the frustrations of growing up, and for a young woman artist that is the struggle with feminine identity.

Completing Bachelor of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology, Elena found a deeper interest in the nude and textured oil painting, creating an illusion of abstraction and movement. Her graduating exhibition explored the visual play between the female body and nature. The notions of femininity, sensuality and beauty have become the most prominent themes in her latest work.

“The female body is a never ending well of inspiration. The mystery of the woman herself holds our gaze and thought, encouraging us to reflect on our own set of mind...”

Elena Esina

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