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Curriculum Vitae

Elin Neumann Langfeldt

Born in Aalestrup, Denmark 1955
Graduated the Designschool, Kolding 1974 - 1976
The Academy of Fine Art, Aarhus 1981 - 1985

Debute on The Artists Easter Exhibition, Aarhus Arthouse in 1985 and afterwards worked as illustrator, Art Director and with IT. Tteacher in Art and drawing until 2001.
Since 2001 fully occupied as a painter and artist.

On the Academy i used 4 years learning Lithography on stones. It was my biggest interest and like a science to me. With my background as illustrator are lithography the graphic teqnique closest to the drawing, and became the natural choice.
Later on it became the painting media i preferred, but the classical background is never denied.
The classical teqniques and the carefylly prepared use of colour are serious parts of every single artwork.

The influence from Joseph Mallord W. Turner, Constable and Mark Rothko are obvious. My paintings are not spiritual,I don't paint feelings, but palpable matters, seen by filtration througout the creatve process in progress in my studio.
Rather than re-create a landscape on a canvas, my aim is to express its essence.The painting appears to be fast, but requires sustained attention. Paint is placed and scraped until,
through repetition, there is a sense of history alive with a will of its own. This is something that has occurred naturally, over time, as though the painting was a wall of an ancient city, beaten by rain and wind and sun.From my beachhouse at the end of the road i can follow the sea and the sky changing from time to time.
Every minute brings new colours and movements and seems to be an endless source of inspiration.
Especially the timeless sight over the sea, has always been fascinating me the view from the beach to the islands in the mist.The colours of beach and bog, fields and moor, the long stroll down the shore: Fossiles, shells, sand and stone, everything brings memories of the past and the origin landscapes to me.

Many travels in Italy and France has also left their marks, like the travels to colder destinations as The North Cap and Finland, have been given inspiration to pieces shown on these pages.
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