Elizabeth Lynn Moon

Winter Wonderland
© 2018 Elizabeth Lynn Moon

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California native and Bay Area artist Elizabeth Lynn Moon lives her life to the fullest, for the good of all concerned; a credo that has enriched her life, along with the conviction that "If it is not exceptional, it is not acceptable". Creativity is a life-long expression for her, beginning at the tender age of five in church choir; the beginning of 17 years of harmonious choral expression and decades of creative expression.

Convinced that youth remains tangible through sequential careers and creative exploration, Ms. Moon has had numerous successful careers in vocal, aural and visual arts.

In recent years she has chosen jewelry as her media because she knows the joy of wearable art, and creates legacy treasures to be passed down through generations.
These one-of-a-kind creations span a wide range of styles - whimsical, serene, refined or classic. Each is an expression that integrates the elements of our glorious earth, expressed through semi-precious stones, quality metals, pearls, vintage glass, crystal and other intriguing materials from nature.

Once the elements have been collected, the dance begins that defines the rhythm of the piece; the pattern and repetition, like riffs and measures in a musical composition. Sometimes the design comes together in a few hours, often it may take weeks until the final pieces suddenly reveal the combination that makes her heart leap, and assembly can begin.

Artisanship and special attention to assembly ensures a piece that will last, and, equally important, one that expresses the artist's love of creativity, the glory of nature and the celebration of life in its many embracing expressions.
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