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Emilio López-Galiacho is an artist graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

He was co-founder in 1992 of Arquimedia, Madrid-based group focused on the relationships between New Media and Architecture.

He has been member of the preselection commitees of "Milia 96" Festival in Cannes and "V Cyberconf" in 1997 in Madrid, as well of WAM (Web Architecture Magazine) International Commitee.

He has shown his work in several festivals, exhibitions and events, as:

- Ciber@rt'96. Universidad de Valencia (Spain). 1996.
- I Festival Internacional de InfoArquitectura. Galería MOPU (Madrid). 1997.
- “Die Schwerkraft der Häuser” Exhibition. Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria). 1997.
- "Arte Virtual, Realidad Plural" Exhibition. Monterrey Museum (Nuevo León, México). 1997.
- “Art Futura 99” Festival (Sevilla, Spain). 1999.
- Zocalo Square. Ciudad de México (México). 1999-2000
- "Next" Festival 2000 (Karlstad, Sweden). 2000.
- “Artium Art Center” Opening Events. Artium Square. (Vitoria, Spain). 2002.
- Place Bellecourt. Fête des Lumières. Lyon (France). 2003.
- “Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media” Opening. (Yamaguchi, Japan). 2003.
- O´Connell Street. EU Expansion Events.(Dublin, Ireland) 2004.
- “Sitestepper” Net Project. Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, USA). 2004.
- Ciber@rt 2004 ( Bilbao, Spain).

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