Emily Redondo

Fighting Myself. 2004. Emily Redondo
© 2018 Emily Redondo

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Delving into my dark emotions and philosophising with paint.
Everything is a study.
Art is explaining a multi-dimensional idea,
situation, or relationship on a two dimensional surface.
My art is symbolic, figurative and expressionistic, raw yet fine.
Words cannot describe...that's why I paint, smile.
The facts...I was raised in Michigan, Mexico, then California where I now reside. I was a rebellious graffitti artist turned painter in college. I became serious about my art in 2001 and have been studying since. I attend Fresno City College, taking my sweet time learning all the way.

Thank you Digital Conscienceness for providing this free database.
If you would like to ask a question, make a comment, or just chat, my email is arteredondo@hotmail.com.

Thank you. Peace.
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