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New Beginning
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Enid Kaplan's artistic exploration of the mythic realm of consciousness is
manifested on a wide variety of scales, from amuletic jewellery to shamanic talking sticks to figurative sculptures measuring up to 15'.

Enid Kaplan is a studio jeweler, sculptor and mixed-media artist who
has taught, lectured and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the
US, Canada and Europe. Her work has been published internationally in books and magazines, and is part of the permanent collection of the American Craft Museum in New York City as well as private collections throughout the world.

Enid Kaplan's jewellery and sculptures are constructed assemblages combining mixed metals with stones, woods, plastics and shells, bones, watch parts or photos. A native of Manhattan, she has traveled extensively throughout her life and these experiences inform all aspects of her artistic expression.

An eight-month journey through remote tribal regions of Southeast Asia,
including Borneo and New Guinea, reconnected her to an earlier and more
profound function of art, which is to summon the personal and collective
journey towards self-realization. Her works are amulets, tools for rites of passage, for healing, and for communion with the natural world.
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