Eric Van Hove

Swedish Embassy - 2002 - calligraphy + video
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Rambling is to the truth what reason is to desire; not to abandon oneself to : gossip.
One must write, like Alexander, in the temple of Jupiter, from his sword the Gordian knot was cut.

How to write today?
Yes, I have also taken the time to apply a woman's breast to the keyboard of a computer only to ask my spellcheck to correct the poetic result afterward and I think it is hardly insipid to consider today computer non-linear hypertextuality, associative mind mapping or augmented reality overlays(AGROS) in poetry. However, to become an "author of your reading", in no way guarantee the quality of said reading. Thus I admit to remaining prudent before this tendency to judge the actuality of a work more from the modernity of its container than the pertinence of its contents. (...)

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