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Ericka Baque was born in Connecticut in 1972 and started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. She attended the art school at Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, Ct. but then went on to receive her Bachelors degree in History. Ericka’s work consisted mostly of illustrations and historical architecture in watercolors and oils until discovering digital art in 2000. Now she focuses on her illustrations by “Painting” on computer with Fractal Design Painter and her beloved Wacom Graphire and Cintiq drawing tablets. She prefers this to other medium for the vibrant colors and no drying time. Her colorful art sometimes falls in the category of Fantasy, though her unique characters and mystical backgrounds seem to create their own genre. Ericka's work has been seen in calendars, CDs and numerous journal publications around the world. Ericka is currently spending time painting between her Connecticut home and her husband’s family in Barcelona, Spain. She lives with her husband, Alejandro and their 3 cats. Ericka Baque's portfolio can be visited at .
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