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Art, by its creative power, unleashes positive energy, closer relations between individuals and peoples. Through art people meet and get to know each other. By its very nature, art is universal and makes it easier to cross frontiers and barriers. It helps to forget alienations.

Herald Tribune wrote quite rightly: Bridging the gaps between generations, social strata and nationalities is a tricky business. However Erik Pevernagie may have hit upon a workable formula to ease the alienation.

The paintings of Pevernagie can be situated in this frame.

The main theme in his work is man in his environment. The painter scans people and situations, juggles with colours and provokes emotions.
In the first place Erik Pevernagie wants to state his alliance with society and the world at large. He wants to give evidence of the elements which do strike him in daily life. In order to stress this evidence he uses slogans, outcries, certain truths in his paintings like graffiti.
His characters are expecting, looking forward, escaping, in quest of alternatives. Imagination is essential if we want to save our lives.
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