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Birth: 1951 
Residence: Istanbul
Profession:Color Seperation Engineer

His interest in art had begun in 1970's, in a dark room of a technical school in Istanbul.He says, "My very best work as a hoby, was making various film screens and obtaining moire effects by rotating one on another one. I guess those effects affected me pretty much. My first Photographic exhibition was based on those works.I displayed lots of exhibitions during my education till 1984.I gave photography lessons in some art-related schools.I studied on live models. The next term was unproductive due to the my education of engineering. I had to discontinue my art works for approximately 10 years. Most of my works had remained incomplete. I decided to re-start after 1993. The technics were improved, first of all I completed some incomplete nude studies. I had not have time to display my works. I do not like people calling my works as Digital Art, unfortunately the works done by computer programs and my works are confused. I am a Photographic artist; because I do not study my works in digital media.All my work arise on 1:1 sized films by using analog dark room technics. In this respect,I could produce only few works in my whole art life.Some works need studying on for 4-5 months. To sum up, I consider the photos I've taken and choosen as a source. I sketch which effects I am going to use, which colors that I am going to emphasise, for days. Then, I create half-tone color separation films in the dark room.I separate the colors according to my own system,those films are usually in the same size with the work.Than, it is the most enjoyable part of the study, I make various maskings with the screen films(pozitive or negative) which are specially prepared by me.I retouch them with cyanide or some special dyes. To achieve the result costs pretty much time. Especially the first series of dervishes, the effect of the astigmatic of my eyes reflected on their swivels, I feel and see in this way.Erkmen presents his works as oil-paintings. In this respect, he does not want his works being reproduced.He adds, "Even the most perfect photograph cannot reflect my personal opinions. I absolutely want to attach my own virtual world to the image. Sometimes I like blue, sometimes I see the joy in a vision, sometimes I get pessimistic, I just try to depict all my feelings with colors, shadows, optical changes on the artworks.
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