Evan Oberholster

Under the Ladder - Male Nude
© 2018 Evan Oberholster

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Evan Oberholster was born in 1956 in South Africa. After completing a Fine Art degree at the University of Pretoria, he moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he worked as an artist and illustrator.

In 1994, he returned to South Africa to live in Cape Town.

Since 1997, he has devoted most of his time to his art and in 1999, had his first large solo exhibition of male nudes.

He has subsequently held two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and has participated in a number of group exhibitions. In May 2001 his work formed part of '� 4000 - � 8000', a group exhibition featuring some of South Africa's most prestigious artists which was held at the Knysna Fine Art Gallery and he was again invited to exhibit at the same gallery in May 2002 in an exhibition titled 'The Art of Colour' which constituted a focal point of the Knysna Pink Loerie Festival.

Evan Oberholster's work is held in private collections in South Africa, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA.

He continues to paint prolifically in his studio in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa with his work constantly evolving as he expresses his fascination with the sensuality of the human form.
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