Evgeniy Shibanov

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Evgeniy Shibanov(1941 - )
2008 – was awarded with A.A. Plastov Prize in the Sphere of Fine Art.
2012 - awarded with a medal "For Mastery" for great skills in painting and
creating an original style in fine art.
1960-1965 – studied in the Gorky Art College.
1966-1970 – worked as a designer at the Ulyanovsk experimental mechanical
The artworks can be found in the collections of Ulyanovsk Art museum, Samara
Art Museum, in the collection of "Cultural Heritage" International

The artist is presented in the galleries: “Ak-Bars” (Kazan, Russia), "Ñosa in
Se" (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia), "Artige" (London, the UK).
Studios of Evgeniy Shibanov

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