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Finn Stamp was born in 1980 in Scotland. Due to his parents teaching, he began painting at an early age. His passion for creating art continued throughout his early life but it wasn’t until he left college, after gaining a B-Tech National Diploma in music technology, that he decided art was to be his chosen career. Finn has traveled across South East Asia, spending much time in Thailand, allowing him to gain inspiration and insight into furthering his own artistic interpretations.

After returning from his travels, Finn set up the online art gallery Original Art Company which showcased works by artists including himself and his then partner. This is where his real passion for creating Pop Art took off, being inspired by such postmodernists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, Finn was able to design and paint numerous cult icons in a contemporary yet personal style.

His works have been exhibited in numerous places across the country, such as the London Art Fair and The Green Room Manchester. His work has also been written about in the magazines City Life and The Big Issue, hopefully providing inspiration for future up and coming artists. Finn now runs his own art company, NuVision, which produces a range of Pop Art, landscape and commissioned paintings, which he has sold to places all over the world. The commissioned art has been particularly successful, it has given Finn the opportunity to really interact with his cliental as he is producing Pop Art and fine art interpretations of people’s personal photos. Finn hopes to further his success in the art world by expanding his range of art into different areas such as portrait painting and furthering his landscape collection.
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