Francine Schachter

Junction in the Feather Forest
© 2018 Francine Schachter

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Francine Norma Lerner Schachter was born in Manhattan in 1935. She spent the years of her
youth in the Bronx. She went to Hunter College and studied art, and eventually moved to Boston
where she now resides as a full time artist.

Artist's Statement:

My work is figurative. It reflects the way I perceive the written word, which is a theme threaded
through many of the images I create. Only the painted picture I believe can express the imagery
that words evoke in the human mind. The images are reflective as well as introspective. They
analyze the passing of time and human interaction through the viscous ether of space.

Words, more than any other invention known to people, have brought us beyond the primates.
Semantics is the basis for human civilization and was born of the centuries of suffering and bliss.
As I traverse pages I see stories in the individual letters and words, and I am impelled to create
the emotions and images I see on the easel. Words, being interwoven into the passing of time,
bring great sadness and joy to the images they inspire just like the indomitable passing of
minutes to lives.

Many of the images I create also dwell with time alone. The passing of a moon overhead to
complete a night or the passing of a ballerina across the faint line that stretches taught between
the past and the present are images that rise to my brush when I think of all the time gone. I
express these images in paintings, which juxtaposed to my earlier works are more solitary, but
no less inspired by prose.

In my earlier works, I was more prone to create images in which the people and places were
timeless and the characters struggling but ageless. Interwoven was the written word with stories
bounding out of each corner of the masonite. In general my paintings are more akin to painted
short stories and novels than to beautiful vistas.
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