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Francis Koerber has been innovating a multi-dimensional world of music, art and technology since his early childhood studying and composing music.

His interest in the technical realm began in his mid-teens taking up work as a piano technician. In his 20's his compositions were performed by prestigious choirs such as the Baltimore Symphony Chamber Singers and the Towson State University Chorale along with numerous ensembles which he formed and directed.

In the advent of the Macintosh computer with its suite of high end art and music applications, Mr. Koerber began applying his skills to the digital realm in both music and commercial arts in the latter half of the 1980's. Under the name of 'FluidArts', he produced everything from animated TV commercials, to graphics for a White House presentation to Congress. He developed a touch screen music system that performed his musical compositions using live synthesis which was selected as the 'Blue Sky' project of Singer-LINK in 1990. He went on to expand that concept and by 2001 had developed a comprehensive art and music system which he calls 'MuseRadix' (source of the muse).

His newest series of art works which numbers about 400 which he calls Floosiga, are created and manipulated in RAM memory with applications that imitate electronic manuscript paper, art canvas and animators; truly multi-dimensional because Floosiga can be enjoyed and appreciated in various ways. To name a few, Giclee fine art prints on canvas or paper, light jet, 3D routered scupltures and designer furniture, polyhedra maps, or rendered animations accompanied by their own musical compositions. They can also be viewed on plasma screens includiing digital picture frames or on DVD players.

Because of the enormous flexibility of the vector medium, he promotes the creation of metamorphic variations allowing ever evolving colors, shapes, sounds and musical concepts into new works.
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