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Frans Herpelick
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Born at Poperinge (Belgium) 20-03-1933

Teacher of sciences

Artistic Preparation: Complete courses at the Academies of Poperinge and Bruges, model drawing at the Academies of Ypres, Koksijde and Lille (France) model drawing in studios in Moeskroen, Ichtegem (Studio I. Duriez) and Diksmuide (R. Jonckiere)

For 17 years he worked at workshops of the international Group Poperinge with the famous Belgian and Dutch artists: Jan Demarest, Harry Verloore, Suzy Verleye, Leo Achterbergh en Yvonne Gijbels (Netherlands)

1991: First Prize Haringe (Belgium)
Third Prize Concours Furet du Nord (Lille-France)

1994: Third Prize Concours Furet du Nord (Lille-France)
First Prize Salon des Peintres Retrouvés (Boeschepe-France)

1995: Third Concours Arti (Alkmaar-Netherlands)
Group exhibitions with Group Poperinge
Exhibitions in High School St.- Stanislas at Poperinge
Several Selections 'Choosing for Arts' and 'Salon International de Mouscron'

1997: Article in 'Palet en Tekenstift' aug/sept (Netherlands)
Exhibition in Gallery Duthler (Apeldoorn-Netherlands)

1999: Retrospective Exhibition Poperinge
Route Artistic Zuienkerke (Bruges)

2000: Route Artistic Kortemark
Exhibition in 't Scheurvliet
Nomination "Choosing for Arts 2000" (Provincial concours)
Group exhibition in GSE
Participation "Art Market 2000" at Werken
Winner of "The Golden Palet" (an initiative of the Royal Art Society 'Hoppeland')

Frans Herpelinck was a teacher of Sciences at the High School St.-Stanislascollege at Poperinge (Flanders-Belgium).

He has a romantic mind and a very strong social feeling. Gradually he develops his own philosophical agnostic principles. He looks for the sense of things. He thinks finding it in what human beings themselves realise ethically and aesthetically. In his works there are reminiscences of earlier transcendental feelings. The warmth of his colours and the luminosity of his paintings reveal affinities with Turner.

His style is free, not conventional at all. " When something succeeds with me, then it succeeds with me from the moment that I am no more aware of what I am doing." (F. Bacon)
Studios of Frans Herpelinck

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