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Sexy Girl-Funism Wall Sculpture
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Funism Art is about breaking rules. If you are bored and tired of the hum-drum nonsense that permiates the art world today, if you are an artist who enjoys doing something that most people love to hate, if you like messing with everyone just because you can, if you don't give a rat's poo poo about what the critics say, if you are sick of not selling any of your work and you just want to get even, then the Funism Movement may be just the thing you're looking for. The Funism Art Movement is looking for participants who exhibit a good sense of humor in both their work and personality. If you paint floweres and fruit go someplace else. But if you are out there somewhere and your friends and family think you should be institutionalized, then you belong with us. The Funism Movement helps promote weirdo's and morons and elevates what many consider garbage art to a significantly higher status. hey, anything above trash is an improvement, right? So find out more and join the madness.
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