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Giuseppe Simonetti was born in Palermo in 1953, where he began and finished his art studies. He is a regular teacher of pictorial art at the 'Institute of Art' of Palermo. His constant and significant artistic research has always been careful and sensitive to all contemporary issues. His painting is characterised by the dialectic of structural stiffness and imaginative spread of colour, which includes naturalistic recollections, mainly with regards to the limitless bright expanses of the Mediterranean skies. The colouring matter is a primary element of his style and plays a fundamental role. He's continuously devoted to his artistic activity, and he has participated to a number of important national exhibitions; he has also staged several one-man shows. Some of his illustrations have been published by the publishing house 'Il Vespro' of Palermo. He has edited and is the author of many serigraphs for the following publishing houses: 'Accetta Editori'-Palermo, 'Seristampa' - Comiso, 'Bacini S.p.A.' - Palermo. In 1992, he exhibited his paintings at the '4th Modern and Contemporary Art Show' in Rome. Many public and private collections host some of his works of art. He lives and works in Palermo.Via Adolfo Holm, 3 - 90145 Palermo (ITALY)

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