Gail Caduff-Nash

Seahorse vertebrae
© 2018 Gail Caduff-Nash

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Nee Alaska; raised Ohioan; traveled most of U.S.
Schooling continues in NC in Fine Arts and Journalism. Self taught artist with 15 years graphic experience, a large part in printing. Knowledgeable and experienced in computer programs.

All my art has been experimental, not repeating my work very often, although I use still life as practice work. I've worked in acrylics extensively, watercolor briefly, pen & ink and pencil often, and oils currently. Wildlife illustrations dominate my work, but I've done landscapes, pet portraits, still life florals and foods, and some personal portraits, as well as the occasional abstract.

Largely, I enjoy the medium of paint, and love playing with it. Sometimes I get a vision that I need to pursue. The desire to instruct others on the amazements of Nature has pushed me to do illustrations.

Most of my work is life-size to mural size, bigger than life. I look forward to doing my art the rest of my life, whether it is marketable or not. Painting has replaced my need to play piano. Painting has given me a way to show my gratitude for Nature. Painting fills my brain with possibilities. Painting is low tech, and therefor fun.

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