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Tyler Graham was born and spent his early informative year in the Ottawa valley where his father owned and operated a wood shop. From this beginning Tyler was immersed in the world of art, surrounded by conversations of design and fine art books on the shelves and never questioned pursuing creative avenues in life and work.

Growing up around wood workers, potters, leather sculptors and industrial designers led Tyler to an interesting out look on design and the unique use of various materials. Through the artists and crafts people that he grew up around and with, Tylers interest in the world of art was just beginning. To this day Tyler leans on this group for their knowledge.

At the age of seven Tyler's father sold his business and moved the family to Toronto. It wasn’t until he was 16 that Tyler reintroduced himself to the world of art and design and when he also realized that he could make a living from he enjoyed most and he started to pursue his dreams. Tyler's first step in this direction was working as a co-op student, through his Toronto high school, with a local blacksmith building furniture, and as luck would have it, lead to a 3-year apprenticeship where Tyler was not only building furniture, but eventually designing pieces. This also provided him with the opportunity to see and learn first hand the challenges and rewards of operating a small business and being able to witness and participate in local furniture and craft shows, proving to be an invaluable asset learning opportunity.

After finishing his apprenticeship Tyler left for Europe where he spent a year-and-a-half traveling and studying and absorbing everything from the arc texture of Prague and Edinburgh to the textile work in Turkish carpets. During these travels Tyler would take every chance he could to stop in at any design company or furniture manufacturer and soecifcal enjoyed the London scene. Tyler returned to Toronto to work with a cabinet maker, once again in the world of small business. After brushing up his wood working skills, Tyler felt the need to move on and explore other avenues of design, which lead to work in Toronto booming film industry were he worked with set designers and carpenters, followed by working with a local sculptor, making molds for commercial applications. Leading Tyler to see the use of materials he never thought possible.

Shortly thereafter, Tyler started the most ambitious project of his lifer thus far. In partnership and collaberation with his father, Tyler started to design and build a house in the Muskokas from scratch. Using almost no outside help Tyler and his father were able to complete this massive project for two mean in approimately 7-months. After this project and incredibly rewarding experince Tyler started his own furniture and design studio in the west end of Toronto.

On the subject of design, Tyyler explains that his "way of designing is some what unconventional by today’s thoughts. When I design I only start with a quick sketch unless my clients require more. I let the materials guide me, the flexibility of the metal, or the nature of the wood grain. Once the piece exists I then decide if there are commercial applications."

Tyler has held several of his own shows at his West End Studio and participated in organized shows such as the Interior Design Show 2004 and is "constantly pursuing the vast capabilities of the internet for marketing."
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