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Queensland Artist Gary Woodfield, is a former Graduate of the Rockhampton C.Q.I.T. He has been doing art in all mediums for most of his life, his passion in art relates to everything the world has to offer - history of the world, nature and landscapes of all countries and fantasy art as well! His attention to realisim and fine detail is out standing!
His new technique is in creating computer art digitally. These computer art designs can be of different scales depending on the client's needs.
Gary has developed unique computer art designs using a technique of air brush and different filters creating shadow and light for 3-D effect.
With his natural art talents and computer skills combined, he is able to construct a picture with fine detail allowing the image to be viewed as a large scale poster or small scale postcard. The construction of an image is a lengthy process, but the end result is outstanding!
It is a unique skill that is both highly sort-after in advertising and marketing, and creative art as well.

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