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Born in Jaén,1964, he took a BA in engraving and design.. His art has developed under the sign of a continuous search, which has made it experimental and inquisitive. Therefore, his works have not only portrayed several landscapes, both narrative and aesthetic, but have also been under permanent evolution, constantly pondering over the psychological and emotional introspection of men, both to themselves and their closest environment of images. His style arises from the meltdown of many others, continually striving for the best means of expression, from the Realistic Impressionism of his beginnings, to Abstraction, Symbolic at times and Objectual at others, reaching a kind of Neoexpressionism which makes use of both real and informal collage at the same time. He has taken part in fifty collective exhibitions, as well as in some fifteen individual ones throughout Spain. He has collected several awards in national competitions. He has made posters, wall-paintings and illustrated books. He has also been guest to conferences, delivered speeches in teaching as well as other institutions for the advancing of the knowledge of his art.
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