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-Name: Generys
-Date of birth: May 9th 1969
-Origin: The Netherlands
-Disciplines: Poetry, Writing, Illustrating, Design, Photography, Music

Poetry: haiku and free-style
Writing: fiction and non-fiction, articles and (short) stories
Illustrating/Design: surrealism, magical realism, realism
Photography: landscapes, architecture, peoplescapes, etc.
Music: soundscapes, organic ambient


Poetry: live reading at “Witte de With” arts festival, Rotterdam, September 2001.
Radio show at 747 FM, Dutch National Radio, August 2001.
Writing: several articles for social life and the (semi-) medical world, a couple of press-releases, travel stories.
exhibitions in The Hague (1990), Amsterdam (1990), Rotterdam (1996), The Efes Museum in Turkey (1995), Paris, France (1999).
cover design of CD “Imbroccata” by Dilemma (1995).
cover design of CD “Tales of Rhona” by Generys (2001).
Music: CD “Tales of Rhona” (2001).
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