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Golden Author of Russian largest Photo-art & Critique Forum
"PhotoSight.Ru"(Moscow, Russia). Winner of number of the on-
line competitions, works presented at exhibitions in Russia,
and published in "100 Roads" (cover, International Magazine,
St. Petersburg, Russia), "Visions Of The Soul" and "Filters
of the Imagination" (large format hard bound anthologies,US)
on postcards (R-Style Corporation, Moscow, Russia), on cover
of AMS book, in private collections in Russia, USA, and Net-
herlands, and in the "Apogee" Internet Photography Magazine.

Born in Moscow, Russia. Live in Lincoln, NE, USA. Main focus
is on travel, macro, art and digital photography. Equipment:
Sony-F707 5 MP digital camera, with array of filters/lenses,
Sony-S30 1.32 MP digital camera with macro-lenses (for macro
photography), Olympus 35 mm camera, Zenith 35 mm camera.

Medium format & high resolution digital works can be arranged.
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