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I am a painter and sculptor.I was born in Cuenca Ecuador on may 19,1966 and studied at the Ontario college of Art.
My work is contemporary and of high emotinal content.Each piece ia a unique expression of being,that is to say the distinct life moments that left impressions on me.My work reflects a personal state of continuous evolution.Constantly in search of new mediums and materials,I am an innovative artist who crosses boundaries.
My strength lays in the utilization of discarded materials and objects that are of little use to others.These surplus metals have become an imaginary staple for me.As my pieces are reflective of moments that triggerd their inception,my work is a journey of poignant footprints in the human view of life as a gradual developmentis also a dominat force,as I often do not utilize a material until what I term the right moment.The right moment being my signature creative trademark,and only then does the fusion of emotion and material occur
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