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My name is George Comninos, I am a Sydney based artist and graduate of the National Art School, Sydney Australia. I'm also a qualified visual art teacher with a Diploma of education from the University of technology Sydney. Not being a fan of long winded and pretentious artists statements (quite often written in the third person by the artists themselves!). I'll keep this short and let the pictures "tell their stories". This statement is not the meaning of the work, it is ideas surrounding the creation of the images, that may deepen their appreciation. Much of my work starts around seemingly universal ideas: The passing of time and its effects on memory, transience, nostalgia, finding meaning in life and analysing the interconnectedness of life (sorry about the Dr Phil phraseology!). I am of mixed Greek/Dutch heritage and my long suffering wife is Thai, so cultural differences and similarities fascinate as well. Quite often photos gleaned from old family albums or from travel are used to start an image or are assimilated into an image.The stories behind these photographs is quite often a mystery, allowing me to create a fantasy narrative. New life is breathed into old or even seemingly banal images. The image appearing on this page, "Kythera", was winner of artist of the month for this site. Unfortunately it only exists in cyber space now having been destroyed in a Sydney art gallery fire. If you like this image you can see more by clicking on the link to my studio.
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