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He had his education mainly at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem and he exhibits since 1975 at home and abroad.
He works with various techniques as oilpainting, drawing, etching, sculpture, but above all he is a very skilled draughtsman. Portraits are a major part of his work. Nowadays he also uses digital techniques. However it is difficult to label his work, one could describe it as Fantastic Realism.
Symbolism, the relation between men and universe and the world behind the everyday appearance find their expression in his work.
His Art is like a voyage trough the mind.

Internally as well as externally
The true traveler seeks
His horizon.

Géphil is an artist in the tradition of ‘Fantastic Realism’.
That means he portrays imaginary things through a realistic way of drawing, etching and painting.

He documents dreamlike images with precision that exceeds that of photography.
These images make us glimpse into a mirror. But it isn’t a mirror in which one can recognize their own reflection. This mirror reflects images from our unconscious.

The artist presents symbols on a silver platter that normally play a vague and for the most part unknown role in the deepest recesses of our mind.
This makes the artist the visual chronicler of our collective unconscious mind.

When confronted, for the first time, with this special quality of the artists’ work one will question the reality of their consciousness. This is as it should be, because, how conscious are we anyway?
In daily life, we are used to thinking in three dimensions. We are totally absorbed by it. Not the artist who descents into the obscure catacombs of the reptile mind.
He finds dimensions behind dimensions, anti matter behind matter.
He shows us not only the objective exterior, but also the subjective interior of the matter.

Men on the other side of the North Sea say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and that is true. Just as the poet gives voice to the apparently inexpressible, this artist makes the seemingly invisible, visible.

By Tom Ordelman
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