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Giuseppe Alletto (born in Palermo, 13 October 1990), painter, lives and
works in Bagheria. Completed secondary school (Liceo Classico) with top
grades in his final year public examinations. He is currently reading
History of Art at the University of Palermo, faculty of Literature and

He held his first two public exhibitions in December 2008 and May 2010 in
‘Palazzo Aragona-Cutò’ in Bagheria, which is also the seat of the public
In January 2013 his work was shown in an exhibition on the campus of
Palermo University.
In October 2014 his work was shown in an exhibition on “XXS Gallery” of
Palermo. The exhibition was presented by Salvo Ferlito.

He has contributed artworks to exhibitions held at ‘La Spadarina’ gallery
in Piacenza, the ‘Palacongressi’ in Agrigento, ‘Il Trittico’ gallery in
Rome, ‘Am Art’ gallery in Brussels, ‘Le Patio’ gallery in Cannes, the ‘De
Sleutelbrug’ chapel in Bruges, Cerio Museum in Capri, Chiaramontano Castle
in Racalmuto, “Kunstlerforum” in Bonn, University of Catania, “A Sud”
gallery in Realmonte, the ‘Villa Casaurro’ gallery in Bagheria, ‘Basilica
SS. Apostoli’ in Rome, ‘Villa Malfitano-Whitaker’ in Palermo, the Mondadori
Multicenter in Palermo, Bobez Gallery of Palermo, the castle of Countess
Adelaide in Val di Susa on the occasion of the Valsusa Film Festival, the
‘Thuillier’ gallery in Paris, the ‘G.Sciortino’ Civic Museum in Monreale,
Bellange Gallery in Stockholm, ‘Katané’ gallery in Catania, MIIT
International Museum in Turin and ‘Palazzo Stella’ in Genoa.

He was featured in the March 2010 edition of the magazine ‘ARTE Mondadori’
and in the book ‘Tra Forma e Figura’ (Between Form and Figure) compiled by
Paolo Levi.
His work has been reproduced in the bi-monthly magazine ‘Effetto Arte’ (Art
Effect) and in ‘Arte Shop Magazine’.
He was featured on the cover of the first issue of the new magazine
His works constitute part of the iconography of volumes of poetry and prose
by several authors.

He was the winner of the Satura Prize in 2012, in the young artist
One of his artworks becam a part of the collection of Palazzo Steri in
He was featured on the cover of the September 2012 issue of "Arte Shop
Magazine" and, within the magazine, an article by the artist himself
discussed issues relating to contemporary art.
He takes interest in Cinema, Art and Culture, and he writes for the blog
“Cinema Sperimentale” (Palermo) and for the magazines “D’Ars” (Milano),
“Espoarte” (Savona), “Art/Text/Pics” (Milano), “RivistaSegno” (Pescara),
“ArtsLife” (Milano), “Juliet Art Magazine” (Trieste), “Il Fascino degli
Intellettuali” (Milano), “LoboDiLattice” (Milano).
An essay by the artist, on martyrdom and execution in the history of art,
is to be included in a forthcoming publication on the Palermo ‘Cult of the
Decapitated’ and on the death penalty. The work is compiled by Rita Cedrini
and Marilena Volpes .

The artist’s writing has been quoted and referenced by, among others:
Paolo Levi, Alessandro Madonìa, Fiorenzo Carella, Salvo Ferlito, Giovanni
Lo Castro, Lia Ciatto, Piero Longo, Marco Scalabrino, Elio Giunta, Arrigo
Musti, Salvatore Maurici, Franca Alaimo, Rita Pengo, Pippo Oddo, Maria
Patrizia Allotta, Maria Antonietta La Barbera, Salvo Ferlito, Alfonso Leto,
Gianmario Lucini, Tommaso Romano, Rossella Cerniglia, Nicola Romano,
Tommaso Serra, Ester Monachino, Riccardo Melotti, Maria Teresa
Prestigiacomo, Elisa Bergamino, Flora Buttitta, Dante Cerilli and Giuseppe
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