Giuseppe Liotta

Raggi di Sole
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Liotta Giuseppe is born to Caltanissetta in 1945 where tutt'ora it resides and it works. Since adolescent it loves the design but it knows the colors to oil to 18 years and of it it learns the technique from self-taught, and, from then, trying to placare its I torment of artist uses always various expressive techniques. It begins to in end paint with the finger reaching to use the spatula it. Its works are found distributed in private collections in many Italian cities and France.

A first creative moment is turned to the thematic surrealist with its existential resonances: you see the work Candle Extinguished with its valence of lost dreams… And then that the chromatic woven one is made denser and luminous, acquires aesthetic vitalismo here and expressive freedom you see the Minatore.La Sicily and its colors are the regional substrate they offer vibrations of light wise assiemate to suggest feelings, like Summery Thunderstorm .......
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