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A lifelong artist, literally drawing before he could walk, Glenn Zlanabitnig had been selling his artwork before reaching high school. By the time he got to the University
of Southampton, England, Glenn was running his own art business, accepting commissions, exhibiting in local shows and competitions, and teaching art.

Born in Southern England in a village between the sea and the forest inspired Glenn in his artistic life to portray the magnificent land and seascapes of the region. Preferring to work in oil, Glenn's style is that of realist, occasionally verging on the surreal, often with historical overtones. While a background as a commissioned artist allowed Glenn to develop the ability to work with a wide range of subjects and themes, world travels compelled him to render images beyond the UK, of European and American vistas, representations of historic battles, as well as portraiture. This amalgamation has contributed to the creation of a diverse and eclectic portfolio.

These days, Glenn's artistic focus tends toward the American Southwest embraced the majestic region with enthusiasm. His work has shown in galleries from Hampshire UK to Beverly Hills, CA and is much in demand with frequent invitations to exhibit. * Bio courtesy of ArtReps, Woodland Hills, CA.
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