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Born and raised in the Tr’ondek Hwech’in Territory, I am a member of the Han Hwech’in Nationality. We are one of the many Athabaskan First Nation Groups. My mother’s blood is Han, Tlinkit, and Akadian. She too was born in the Tr’ondek Hwech’in Territory. As for my father, he is Han Hwech’in, also born locally. Artistic talent runs strong in my blood, more so on my father’s side of the family. However I regret his passing on to other things. I have been passionate all of my life and have dedicated my life long pursuit to the arts, and practice in many mediums, learning as I go.
I have taken a couple of introductory art programs in the last few years, one was called ‘Introduction to the Arts’ a short 22.5 hours dealing with the acrylic medium and sketching. The most recent was called ‘Arts for Employment’ (655) hours. The Arts for Employment was a wide ranged course introducing it’s students to all the art related fields of work. Mainly concentrating on Computer Graphic design. But for as long as I could wield an instrument of creativity I have been producing work. Only in the past 6 years have I taken on the dedication to make it my life and livelihood.
Very well known in my community as a rising talent I have made an impact amongst the locals. The thing that was said to me by a local artist by the name of Halin De Repentigny that stands out in my life is, “He is my competition now”. Halin is a very well known artist who is now working on international recognition and so you can see how this makes me feel.
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