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About Gregory Stewart, he has a distinctive style that combines dramatic design, masterful color, compelling mood, and dynamic rendering in the pastel and painted medium. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, he has witnessed the cultural blending of the city, and through that vision he has been a part of the emerging of culture, unique to Southern California.

Painting with visual passion for his work, Greg has worked for several
years in pastel, acrylic, and oil to show the visual juxtaposition of
color and its play between warm and cool, breaking away from traditional
(rational) roles. Blending a formal education of illustration and drawing
with a career of graphic design to produce a visual storytelling of shape
and hue. Mood is foremost in every piece, and the conveyance of that mood typically dictates the color usage. Function over form in the setting of tone vs. the actual portrayal. the images he depicts are those of the mundane, to the personal testament of emotion. Every piece is a visual display of interpretation and understanding.

Presently, he lives he lives in Valley Village, a suburb of Los Angeles, with his wife Diane, two children Kristian and Nathaniel, and Princess, the family cat. From his he draws so much of his creativity by being enamored to his family, the life, the culture, and the people of Southern California.
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