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Biography – Gudrun Weerasinghe

German artist Gudrun Weerasinghe graduated in visual art and design at the university of Essen (bachelor of arts and design). Various study tours through all continents followed by, which influenced and inspired the artist and her special way of painting. For a long time she lived in Liberia and in Sri Lanka. In the coming years Gudrun Weerasinghe developed the style and the term of “ARTHEALING”, which she also calls “Applied, Ethical Design of Conscious-ness” (subject of copyright).
The style ARTHEALING articulates the dialectical comprehension of her art: healing through art and healing of art, thus somehow reflecting her critical attitude towards certain tendencies of contemporary art. For Gudrun Weerasinghe is the essence of the art something as individable connected with the ethics of her being defined as an Animal Communicator. (You get more informations from her website: under the button "Press Releases", and the article written by Prof. Dr. G. Schmitt "Arthealing"). She chose visual art and literature as those mediums that express the best her philosophy (please click the button "Animal Communicati-on").
Since 1983 she has regular solo and group shows as a painter and creator of artistic videoclips in Germany and in abroad especially in the former Yoguslawia, in Italy, Sweden, the Nether-lands, in Colorado, California, Canada, Hawaii, China and in New York (USA). Various press releases in newspapers, magazines, three title covers of artmagazines and articles in five art-books got published (please see pressreleases). In the year 2000 she received a Gold Medal in Montreal.

Recent exhibitions : 1999 / 2000:

Piacenza, Chiesa di San Fermo, Italy
Schloss Borbeck, Essen, Germany
Agora Gallery, New York, Soho, Broadway,
Galleria Pino Pascali, Conversano / Bari, Italy
Castellana Grotte, Bari, Italy
“Chiostro of San Benedetto”, Italy
Gioia del Colle Castle, Bari, Italy
Festival of Art on Paper , Kranj, Slovenia
Grillparzerhof, Linz, Austria
Festival »Salon des Beaux Arts » Montreal, Canada,
“The Great Wall Exhibition”, Peking, China,
'“I giorni di Pulcheria” Piacenza, International Show, Italy
Gallery “Art System”, Toronto - Spadina, Canada
Gallery “Augentrost”, Düsseldorf, Germany
“Pixxelpoint”, International Computer Art, City Gallery, Nova Gorica, Slovenia


Karmel Convent, Drachten, Netherlands
Municipal - Gallery 'Kulturhuset' in Joenkoeping, Sweden
Lankershim Arts Center, North Hollywood, California
Castle Stolberg, Stolberg, Germany
EurART 2001, Concorso Internazionale Arte Digitale, Milano, Italy,
Pulcheria Arte 2001, St. Pietro Palace, Piacenza, Italy
Salon d`automne des Beaux Arts de Montreal, Canada
! Biennale of Florence, Italy (She was nominated by a prestigious International Jury to participate in the Biennale Internazio-nale dell´Arte Contemporanea 2001, Citta di Firenze in December)

A small selection of press releases :

Press releases about Gudrun Weerasinghe`s works got published in various international newspapers, maga-zines and books for instance in the following :


- Das neue Zeitalter 10/88 (The new Century)
- Live Essen 2/89
- Esotera 3/90
- Aura 10/90, jugoslavian magazine, with titlecover
- Velvet 6/93
- Artmagazine: Kunst Aktuell 6/98 (Art Today), with titlecover
- Natürlich vegetarisch 7/99 (Of course, vegetarian)
- Ufo Nachrichten, 7/01
- Zeitenwende (political magazine), 7/01, with titlecover


- Panorama der Bildenden Kunst, Stadt Essen, Kulturbüro (Panorama of visual arts)
- The Millennium Art Collection - 2000 Reasons to love the earth, Artvolume,
Publisher: De Bookmakers
- Allgemeines Lexikon der Kunstschaffenden, Vol. 5, Publisher: FIBK, Nürnberg, 1999
- (General Lexicon of Artcreators)
- „My dog`s message" Spiritual Animal Cmmunication(die Botschaft meines Hundes),
Silberschnur Publishing House, 2001, Gudrun Weerasinghe
- Meister bildender Künste, Artvolume 4, Artefactum Publishing House, Nürnberg, (Master of visual arts)


- "The Great Wall Exhibition 2000", Publishing House: ADD - 142 Small Building
Xi Wai Street, West District Beijing, China
- Offprint of the arthistorical volume, Master of visual arts,
Artefactum Publishing House Nürnberg, Germany, 2001
Studios of Gudrun Weerasinghe

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