Guéganne Doucet

Rétrospective d`Une Vie
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Canadian born International artists has a double heritage of the first two nations in Canada, Mi`kmaq and Acadian. Over the course of my career, my work has evolved from realistic to figurative realist forms and geometric abstraction. I divide my work into three aspects: representation, interpertation, and dimension. In all phases of my work, but particularly with the expressionism, I explores themes inspired by the rich art of the Mi`kmaq.I develop my realist abstract images in the depths of four-dimensioned space, evoking the continuous, cyclical sensory worlds of our experiences, past, present, and future. My works shift and change continually and the ephemeral patterns subdivide and form again on other planes, revealing new realms of our subconscious. My paintings play color, time and space in musical harmony.
Using colors and planes, I create chromatic substances and surreal forms to activate and reactivate matter in order to pursue energy and fire through my use of successive, changing contrasts.
I views art as vital to human nature's struggle to understand all dimensions of the universe, and hopefully my works open the mysterious recesses of our memories and intuitions to our conscious perceptions
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