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The moon has not been stepped yet when she was born ,one day … she does not know.. if she will paint on the moon or not

Two continents craddle each other on the air and the first suspended bridge Bosphorus was on Project phase , Led Zeplin first album was released at the same year .

Cigdem was on the way coming to earth ...at the days first art exhibition by John Lennon that was held, The nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is signed, prohibiting non-nuclear states from building or acquiring nuclear weapons and obligating nuclear powers to work on arms control and disarmament and USSR was conducting nuclear tests.Meanwhile it was the time of 1968 Youth Affairs.

For billions of years man / woman and other kinds have been waiting for her and finally she was BORN in late 20th century 01.07.1968 to be precise in a city of two continents. She came on EARTH with a laughter rather than a cry . in late 20th century The moon has not been stepped yet when she was born ,One day … she does not know..if she will paint on the moon or not.

From Chemistry to Alchemistry, painting by Cigdem H. Yorgancioglu

This a virtual tour of esence of her life. Part of her wisdom and emotions reflected on canvas with her fingers .She is up to born ..

It was the time of flower child. Therefore ,she was called by a name of a wild and artistic flower usually found in the mountains. Her sudden movements caused earthquakes and she tasted the sweet smell of art as her first baby food. She grew up in a seashell and she will be waxed at the end with her art. Actually she has possession of nothing ,except herself like everybody else does if they notice it. So she is, was and will be an ordinary and splendid human being.

You can see the navigable representation of H.Cigdem YORGANCIOGLU ‘s previous solo Art Exhibition at Bodrum Ticaret Odasý on her website http://www.cigdemyorgancioglu.net

Every year her birthday corresponded to Navigation and Cabotage Day in Turkey ,it was the day she officially stepped in the land of business and again it was the date she deserved first Open Water Diver certificate as well ..

She has been flirting and dancing with colours, compositions and abstracts ever since she accidentally found her daddy's paintings in a bookshelf at the age of 6. His paintings, style and trials were far more creative than the pictures hanging on the wall. This may have been the FIRST INSPIRATION and perhaps the greatest contribution for her . She noticed that art was and would be inevitable in her life. She has got the feeling that she may even modify the universe or at least recreate it. She started with her father who was educated in Fine Arts as well after studying Business Administration .

Cigdem completed her education in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences as a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics at a pastoral university with a fantastic view.She is writing articles and poems on Graduates portal . http://www.bumed.org.tr/servlet/page?_pageid=478,522&a mp;_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30

She has been painting since 1974.Her first 3 Art Exhibition was in Bosphorus Universty Art Club . She has been the first lady in Turkey painted on her pantholone and X-rays according to press articles issued. The pantholone in question has been given to an Greek artist in Newyork City and this pantholone danced (Sirtaki) at Central Park in September 1997. Prussian blue paintings on the hats made by her has been distrubuted to people at Damrak Square of Amsterdam. She painted on dust bin of Sri Marinan Temple at Singapore. And finally she painted the face of Maori and boat of Maori during her last visit to New Zealand. All paintings were made by her fingers. A tiny shadows of brush was the tail of a cat, accidentally passing over ..

Cigdem is hanging all around the word in 5 continents and leaving her hats, each visited countries .She is in a state of awareness 20 hours of a day ,She has been worked as manager or as expert in Turkey ,London and Switzerland . Currently working for one of world –famous telecomunication company in Turkey . One of her favorite hobies is collecting shark teeths during low tide at North Sea .Swimming is another part of joy of her life. She crossed over Bosphorus from Europe to Asian side in 1987.She is scuba-diver as well and has been diving in Turkey and Red Sea since 1989 .Recently she had a medal at Swimmimng long distance /woman in Euroasia Corporate Games . 1500 metres /Free style .

Her first poem book “EXEGI MONUMENTUM AERE PERENNIUS” ("I have raised a monument more durable than bronze." Ýn English ) was published in December 2003 right after Cigdems first trip to South Eastern part of Turkey for the annual ceremonies conducted for Commagene king, Antiochus at nemrut mountain each year .The revenue of th esale of book is directed to education of poor students in Turkey especiallay in souther east part of the country .

She has been keeping her diary since 1976 .Writing poems since 1978. You can reach her poems ,articles and paintings in Turkish in many sites in Turkey
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