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Harriet Jameson Pellizzari is a Scottish,Austrian Capetonian.
Born in Glasgow, Scotland she studied Art at Westbourne School for girls till her father, a Scottish Navel Architect was assigned to South Africa where she and studied Graphic Design at Michaelis Art School at Cape Town University.
Travelling back and forth to Europe she paints Watercolours of Old buildings of District Six and woman.
In acrylics on canvas are her larger works of the more erotic in vogue paintings,nature, animal and kitchen Art.
She exhibited in many countries of Europe,sells from the Burgerstube Restaurant in Axams Innsbruck as was the resident artist in La Vita Newlands Cape Town for many years.
In Cape Town she works for Harriets Design cc quoting on upholstery jobs and selling fabrics and is best when she has a whole project to do from start to finish.

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