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Inspirational Artist & Author, Meilena Hauslendale began her career as a professional visual artist in 1997, in Morgan Hill, CA. Her style combines great simplicity with the complexity of archetypical representations. She uses bold lines with the aid of her Sharpie Marker and then completes the process with splashes of bright watercolors.

Her work can best be described as inspirational. She has over 160 pieces of all original works with inspirational quotes that correspond to each piece. The combination of the visual art and the quotations are enticing to both art collectors and art novices.

Each piece is carefully constructed. The typical work is carried out on an 18x24” cold pressed, heavy-weight watercolor paper. There are no sketches and with a Sharpie Permanent Marker, there can be no mistakes. Hauslendale draws her thoughts onto this paper and then uses an array of watercolors to fill in the piece. The original is then refined with a Sharpie Marker once again to assure boldness.

Her work has been featured in the Spire Press (New York, NY), the Gutenburg Litegraphic Society (Salt Lake City, UT), Tony Awards (Atlanta,GA) and the FOX Theater (Atlanta,GA) to name a few. Her articles and books are world-wide. She is the author of Making Your Purpose Your Business and Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships.
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