Heinrich Wagner

HAWE Heinrich Wagner in his atelier
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Biography: Heinrich Wagner, born in 1952, received his basic training by Professor Emmy Woitsch.
He deepened his talents and knowledge at the academy of fine of arts in Vienna.
His first exhibition was 1979.

His technique of painting in the manner of the medieval masters,
generally called "Glazing" is a very old method of working, causes, that Heinrich Wagner has to work slowly.

Remember: Fine layers of pigment are bound up in an oil based matrix; more brilliant luminous effects are achieved, because the fine layers of pigment are bound up in an oil based matrix (Venice turpentine and linseed oil). Pigments must be chosen that are transparent i.e. they can be brightly coloured but do not block light.

Pictures of deep, layered, magic tone originate.

Country: Austria

The paintings of Heinrich Wagner are shown in many galleries and exhibitions in Austria (Vienna, Braunau, Linz, Ried im Innkreis, Obernberg, Reichersberg, Salzburg), in Germany (Weimar, München, Ulm, Langenau, Burghausen) Italy (Rome, Sarzana, Bardolino)and France (Cogolin).

Paintings and drawings are in private and public collections.

Silver Award - artmajeur
diploma of excellence - honorable award 2nd medial art biennial
premio menzione - concorso estemporaneo di pitture es scultura
Bardolino - Italy

Media: fine oil colors on canvas

Subjects: Everything that touches me
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