Helena Anderson

Dark Goddess
© 2018 Helena Anderson

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Inspiration for my work comes from Art, music and literature, but mostly from the worlds within myself. The figures that I paint come to me in many different forms. They are beings from elsewhere who wish to be heard in this world and I am their channel for communication.

I have long admired the Pre-Raphaelites of 19th century England, and their rebelion against the ugliness of the Industrial Age. I am rebelling against the coldness of the Information Age.

Mythology and folklore are an important source for me as well. Goddesses who represent the strength of the Eternal Feminine remind me of the of the wells of strenth within each of us.

I love watercolor.. its flowing, watery, almost intuitive nature. One can control watercolor, yet it retains its own unpredictable nature. Like life, it has a tendency to turn out in a way I don't always plan. I enjoy this about it, however, and enjoy working with the challenge of finding that middle ground between the idiosyncracies of the paint, and my own abilities.
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