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Helena Szawlowska was born in Kędzierzyn-Kozle (Poland).
She was graduated in Artistic Education from WSP in Czestochowa (nowadays Academy of Jan Dlugosz). She passed her diploma in painting at Prof.Leon Maciej’s classes. Now she studies painting at Academy of Fine Art in Krakow.
She is also graduated in English Literature from the University of Opole.
Until 2005 she lived and worked in Poland, now her private and professional life is connected with Czech Republic.
She has her own atelier in Czech Tesin, the place in which works on her own and trains young people in drawing and painting.
Since December 2007 is a member of SAP in Czech Republic (Society of Polish Artist in Czech Republic).
The artist draws, paints oils and water-colours. She presents unique faces of nature with its beauty and softness. In her works Helena Szawlowska focuses on the pictures of human beings, their appearance and interior features. The main topics are nudes and portraits. These works looks very innocent, they are covered by a mild fog. Simple form and light colors underline subtleness of presented motives.
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