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I'm a visual artist and museum professional who lives in New Jersey, USA. I was born in Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia in 1979.

Early in my life, when I was in high school in Bogota, art became a very important part of my life. During this time my art professor "Mauricio Lizarralde" took my vocation for the arts and guided me into the path of becoming a professional artist. Later in my life, during 1998-99 I studied art at the hand of professional artists Francisco Ruiz & Rodrigo Carbajal.

At my arrival at the USA in late 1999, I began my professional studies at the Art league of New York for a period of six months and later finished my BFA in 2008 at Kean University in New Jersey. This was followed by completing my graduate studies in Museums at the University of Alcala de Henares.

Since my arrival to the USA I have been learning the trade as I go, exhibiting my artwork in the United States, multiple countries in Europe and Argentina.

All my life as many other people, I have been a witness to acts of violence and social inequality. My work is a reflection of many years of collective memories, images that over time have evolved and changed as I borrow them to create a series of pictures and objects that some how can tell a silent truth.

By: Hernando Rico Sanchez

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