Hinsel Scott

Digital Artist Discovers Faerie
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Hinsel was born on the westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana where he lived for several years. From an early age his talents with inks and pencils were apparently. At a later age he progressed to using the computer as his medium and began devloping his digital surrealist work. Most recently he has taken up the camera as his tool of trade capturing sights others pass over unseen. He currently resides in the northwest where he is furthering his endeavours as an artist of many talents.

Ranging from the soft to the surreal my artwork encompasses all I am. From my beauty to my madness. I try to show all I have whether it be wonderful or hideous with unflinching courage in hopes to lead others into a path of freedom from fear and biased. I hope to show others things of wonder they'd never considered before and to show that by looking at things from a new perspective entire worlds are gained.
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